Ross Marquand Promises “Die Hard” Level Action Season 8


Ross Marquand Talks Season 8 TWD

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Fans are pumped for Season 8 of The Walking Dead. After a dreadfully slow Season 7, fans are dying to see the good guys stomp the bad guys once again. Plus, actor Ross Marquand promises “Die Hard” level action throughout.

“The first four or five episodes are kind of like little mini action films,” said Marquand. “They’re hour long action films, each one of them, and that’s just exciting for me being an action nerd because Die Hard is my favorite action movie of all time.”

Marquand added, “There are little moments like that throughout.”

“Realistic Action Moments” In Season 8

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Later in the interview, Ross Marquand went on to say that the shots are “beautifully nuanced” and “realistic action moments.” Based on the trailer, there is going to be some car stunts, lots of gun fights, and probably hand-to-hand combat.

Generally, using these various types of stunts make it more in more interesting for fans. In new movies like Fate of the Furious, there is a reason they’ve moved beyond car chases and vehicle jumps. The acrobatics and fistfights bring in a new element.

The Walking Dead is going to keep it fairly realistic however, where films go overboard.

Rick Grimes Will “Live Free Or Die Hard”

Bruce Willis | Photo Credit Die Hard

Ross Marquand added, “We’ve struck a really good balance of the fantastical elements of the show with some really great just old school action sequences that I think are going to blow everyone away.”

Then, the actor who plays Aaron said that he was even blown away watching the sequences, so fans are going to be extra excited. This is a major change from Season 7, which was mainly a build-up season.

If the series is going to match Die Hard, it will likely focus on the first Die Hard. Later in the series, things got a little out of hand. It’s hard to imagine Rick Grimes jumping on a fighter pilot like we saw with Bruce Willis in Live Free or Die Hard (Die Hard 4).

But, watching Rick Grimes jump to another vehicle is something we can imagine. Perhaps he’s set up a bomb in the abandoned car to head towards the Sanctuary.

So, what are you most excited to see in Season 8 of The Walking Dead?

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