Did You Notice Rosita Stole THIS Daryl Dixon Classic Fight Move… [WATCH]


“Some bitch was tougher than he looked,” said Daryl Dixon, smoking gun in hand. When Sasha, Abraham, and Daryl first met up with a few rogue Saviors, he decided to take them out quickly rather than have a gun fight.

Likewise, Rosita makes a similar decision on the latest episode of The Walking Dead. Despite seeing the RPG on her shoulder, the fact that she used the missile to kill a single Savior was equally surprising.

But did she waste the single shot that Daryl will need for the war?

Can Daryl Dixon Find More Explosives?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Ever since Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes got into a fight, he’s been obsessed with winning the war in an instant. For Daryl, this means using dynamite or some other device to bust a hole in the Sanctuary wall.

Since Rick Grimes destroyed the dynamite, it looks like Daryl has come up with a new plan. While he hasn’t told us the truth yet, it would appear he plans to drive the garbage truck into the wall.

This way, the walkers can enter through the opening and kill the Saviors.

The Debate To Kill Civilians Or Not

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

If, on the other hand, Daryl had an RPG, he could blow a hole in the wall in an instant. As Rick said, this could possibly kill workers and other civilians. But it certainly would end the war.

Now, Daryl is going to have to drive or roll the truck into the wall. Unless he puts something on the gas pedal, the truck may not have enough gas to burst through the wall from the small hill.

With that in mind, Daryl may choose to drive the vehicle into the wall. If he makes that choice, there’s a good chance he could get himself killed. Even though Rick has a plan for the Saviors, our hero seems obsessed with opening up the Sanctuary.

Unless Rosita, Michonne, or Tara talk Daryl into stopping, he’s going to do this. Not only will he risk his life, but he could also kill the workers, Eugene, Dr. Carson, and even Father Gabriel.

Do you think Michonne will step up and stop Daryl Dixon?


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