Did You Miss This Synopsis Of This Major Rosita and Michonne Scene? Wow….


“It’s like this siren has been going off in my head,” said Michonne. “I can’t turn it off.” In the latest episode of The Walking Dead, Rosita and Michonne decide to go on their own secret mission.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

So far, both Michonne and Rosita have been told to stay back in Alexandria to heal. During the first attack, Rosita was shot and Michonne was also beaten up by one of the Scavengers.

Now, they’re going against Rick’s orders and creating their own mission. “I just need to see it. Turn that alarm off in my head [and] go back home,” she added.

Rosita And Michonne Find Negan’s Secret Weapon

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Despite these plans, the duo ended up finding more than they bargained for. Out in the middle of nowhere, Michonne told Rosita to stop the car. There was something—some sort of music—coming from the woods.

“I don’t think that sound can reach the Sanctuary,” said Rosita. Regardless, the duo headed through the woods and heard something that sounded like opera music. As they got closer, the music grew louder.

Eventually, they made their way inside of a building to hear two Saviors talking.

Rosita Is Locked And Loaded

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Specifically, what they found was a way for the Saviors to clear out the Sanctuary. Inside of the building, two Saviors were rigging up a vehicle with massive speakers on the back of it.

In order to stop the first Savior, Miguel, Rosita decided to take extreme measures. While Michonne fought off the other Savior, Rosita found an RPG. Like the first time Daryl Dixon killed a heap of Saviors, she loaded the missile on her shoulder and fired it— blowing Miguel into a million pieces.

Meanwhile, the other Savior got away. As Michonne and Rosita watched this speaker system heads toward the Sanctuary, they were relieved to see a garbage truck plow into the side of it.

Luckily, Daryl Dixon and Tara arrived just in time. After crashing into the vehicle, the duo climbed out of the truck and killed the other Savior. At this point, however, we learn that Daryl is continuing his plan to blast a hole in the Sanctuary.

Do you think these four are going to ruin Rick Grimes’ plan?

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