They Put Robot Chicken In These Walking Dead Scenes, And You’ll Be On The Floor


Walking Dead And Robot Chicken Team Up

Robot Chicken | Photo Credit Screenrant

The Walking Dead’s 100th episode is right around the corner and the creators over at Robot Chicken are also celebrating the milestone. The Cartoon Network series is highlighting some of the best moments from the zombie drama.

Perhaps the best thing about this collaboration is that the stars are actually providing the voices for the spoof. Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Danai Gurira and even Jon Bernthal and Michael Rooker performed.

As always, the jokes are hits and misses, but overall, it’s worth a watch.

“Hallmarks From The Series”

Robot Chicken | Photo Credit Screenrant

IGN gives it a 7.5/10 and writes, “Nothing here is mean spirited, and fans expecting gags along those lines need only but turn to the rest of the internet, but we did get some pretty funny segments that directly touched on (hilarious) hallmarks from the series.”

Some of the gags focus on the search for Sofia, Merle’s racism from the first season, Carol’s ruthless nature, Carl’s ever-growing hair, and Negan’s trademark lean back or dip in his step…

The jokes also parody the movie, Look Who’s Talking.

The Walking Dead Returns

Robot Chicken | Photo Credit Screenrant

All jokes aside, fans are excited to know that The Walking Dead will soon return to AMC. After a long hiatus from a slow Season 7, Season 8 is literally only a few weeks away. The action should start right away with Negan and Rick in All Out War.

At Comic-Con, a new clip was released that also shows Carl Grimes alone. He appears the be looking for gas, but it’s unclear why he’s on a solo mission with so much at stake.

Amidst his travels, he does stumble upon something fresh. At the abandoned gas station, Carl Grimes finds a man talking to himself. This appears to be Abbud, a new character to the undead universe.

Carl Grimes points his gun on the man, but he’ll soon realize that Abbud is likely going to need some help.

Have you seen the Robot Chicken Walking Dead parody yet?

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