Robert Kirkman Just Dropped Some Key Details About The Future Of The Walking Dead


“There are big, huge stories coming up that you might think will be massively altered because of the absence of Carl,” said Robert Kirkman. The creator of The Walking Dead wants fans to know that these decisions have not been rash.

“We have known these storylines have been coming for years. There are plans in place to make it all work,” added creator Robert Kirkman. Before this comment, we were thinking the show could skip over the Whisperers.

The main reason was due to the helicopter but Kirkman’s comments sound like the Whisperers will be next.

Robert Kirkman Describes The Future Of TWD

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“The loss of Carl doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re going to be losing big swaths of the comic book story,” said Robert Kirkman. “It means that there will be some differences to them. The goal is that those differences will be as exciting to the audience as they are to me.”

In the past, there have been some minor changes, but nothing as big as the potential loss of Carl Grimes. If Carl dies and the Whisperers arrive, someone will have to fill in his story line.

The most likely candidates would be either Daryl Dixon or newbie Saddiq.

The Arrival Of The Whisperers On AMC

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics

We’ve already seen one reference to the Whisperers a few episodes ago. When Rick Grimes brought the Heapsters to the Sanctuary, he found a dead sniper hanging from the water tower. The man was missing a face, thanks to the Whisperers, who are known for wearing the skin of the dead.

In the comic book, the war comes and goes and then the Whisperers arrive. On television, this could mean that they’re coming at the end of Season 8B. This could mean that Rick and Negan join forces to fight a new enemy.

But, to win the war, the comic book story had a love story between Carl Grimes and the daughter of the Whisperers leader. On the series, this could happen with Daryl Dixon or Saddiq, if the daughter was slightly older.

Do you think we’ll see Daryl Dixon in Carl Grimes’ place for Season 9?


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