Walking Dead Isn’t The Only Show Kirkman Has On AMC Anymore


If you’re already caught up on The Walking Dead, you definitely need something to do during this extended mid-season hiatus. Scroll over to AMC and check out the new series, Robert Kirkman’s Secret History of Comics.

Over the past decade, Robert Kirkman has become one of the head leaders of the comic book industry. Now, he’s paying homage to those that came before him. The show honors the humble beginnings of DC, Marvel, Image, and more.

The Secret History is spread over six parts and has something for everyone.

AMC Comes To Robert Kirkman For Series

Secret History Of Comics | Photo Credit Nerdist

Robert Kirkman told Nerdist, “When AMC came to me about wanting to do something in the documentary space with comics, they really didn’t know what the subject matter would be…”

“I kind of took it as a big responsibility, being such a big comics fan and being so entrenched in that industry as long as I have been. And having been a fan from a really young age, my thought was ‘I can’t really let someone else do this, I need to do it, and make sure this is as cool as it can possibly be,’” said Kirkman.

For comic book fans, the new series is stylized, well researched, and packed with beautiful illustrations and information on the growing industry.

New Series Doesn’t Pull Any Punches

Secret History Of Comics | Photo Credit Nerdist

The series has new interviews with the creators of Image Comics, along with Stan Lee, Paul Levitz, Denys Cowan, Neal Adams, Greg Rucka, and Kurt Busiek. There’s also a special tribute to Marvel co-founder, Jack Kirby.

Surprisingly, the series doesn’t pull any punches either. It turns out that Marvel’s beginnings were similar to the legend of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. In this case, Stan Lee took center stage (Steve Jobs). Meanwhile, Jack Kirby (Steve Wozniak) quietly did the work with little to no recognition.

As for the part on Image Comics, Kirkman tried to avoid his own legend. “I really wanted to try and avoid involving myself in the Image Comics part of the series, but that was something AMC wasn’t too keen on, because naturally they like it when we talk about The Walking Dead. It’s a little strange, but five of the six episodes don’t involve me whatsoever.”

Have you caught up with Robert Kirkman’s new series on AMC?

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