Rick Grimes Finally Read The Letter From Carl Grimes On The Walking Dead


Back when The Walking Dead first started, good and evil seemed to be pretty black and white. Mainly, there were the living (good) versus the dead (evil). But as things have become more and more complex on the show, everything is basically in a giant grey area amongst the world of the undead.

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In fact, in the past two seasons, Rick Grimes has grown to be more evil than his nemesis, Negan. In fact, in the most recent episode, “Still Gotta Mean Something,” Rick even gives up his word. Rick has done a lot of things in the past but he’s never flat out lied about his word to anyone.

However, the low point made Rick decide to read his son’s letter when he got back. Michonne was pleased to see him showered and thinking somewhat clearly. Perhaps Morgan’s message also helped him slightly return to the light.

Carl Grimes Letter On The Walking Dead Leaked

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

AMC released a short video of Carl’s letter (that has since been deleted) from the next episode of The Walking Dead:

“I remember my eighth birthday with that giant cake and Aunt Evy showing up on leave, surprising us all,” wrote Carl Grimes to his father. “I remember mom, and Codger [and] I remember school and going to the movies and Friday night pizza and cartoons and grandma and grandpa and church, those summer BBQs and the kiddie pool you got me. Could have used that at the prison.”

The letter was particularly heartbreaking since Carl was talking about life before The Walking Dead. On the show, it’s only been around three years, but viewers have been watching the show for eight years. For Rick and his son, a world of pizza nights and grandparents at church is so far from their current reality.

Carl Grimes wrote, “You told me about the walks we’d take when I was three. You holding my hand around the neighborhood—all the way to Ross’ farm. I didn’t know that I remembered them, but I do. Because I see the sun, and the corn, and that cow that walked up to the fence and looked me in the eye. And you told me about all that stuff, but it isn’t just that stuff, it’s how I felt. Holding your hand, I felt happy and special. I felt safe.”

It’s unique that he wrote about the way he felt beforehand. Perhaps this message will push Rick Grimes in the direction of peace. In the video, he’s reading the letter while watching over Michonne and Judith. If he wants Judith and anyone else to leave a life Carl once knew, he must seek peace.

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