You May Have Seen This Promo, But You Didn’t See What Everyone REALLY Thinks It Means…


“Same thing I wanted before: a deal. Or, we destroy you,” said Rick Grimes. In the trailer for Season 8 Episode 6, Rick Grimes is headed to speak with Jadis and the Scavengers about a new deal.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Last season, when Jadis was supposed to be helping Rick and Alexandria, she shot him in the gut. In addition to this betrayal, the rest of the Scavengers also pointed guns on Alexandria and decided to side with Negan.

Since most of the Kingdommers were killed, Rick Grimes is presumably back to ask for more help from the Scavengers.

Rick Grimes Speaks With The Scavengers

There’s no reason why Rick should trust Jadis. In the brief clip, it looks like Rick is the one giving the ultimatum. Either she helps his cause or he will treat them like just another enemy.

Last time, Jadis said the reason why they decided to switch sides was because Negan offered them a better deal. At this point, it’s unclear why Negan isn’t also trying to turn the Scavengers into a group that works for him.

It’s also surprising that the Scavengers wouldn’t just leave, considering they live in a junkyard rather than a fortress.

Rick Grimes Promises Help Or Destroy

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

When Rick Grimes threatens to “destroy” them, he’s likely referring to turning his troops on them. Presumably, Rick Grimes only wants the Scavengers to further strengthen his numbers.

In order to use them, he might put them out on the front lines. This could mean sending them in to try and take out the walkers around the Sanctuary. Then, the Alexandrians could follow up behind them and take out the Saviors.

But in an effort to make things more complex, perhaps he’ll use Jadis and the others as a double-agent. If he tells Jadis to go in and make contact with the Saviors, he could set them up for an attack later.

Since Rick Grimes is moving towards a more peaceful life, he will likely try to capture the Saviors rather than kill him. However, there’s also a moment in the clip where Daryl Dixon is creating his own attack.

Do you think Rick Grimes will try to capture Negan alive?


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