Did You Notice Rick Used This “James Bond” Move In THIS Scene?


For the most part, Rick Grimes is more of a man than an action hero. In “Monsters,” however, we see him bring out his inner James Bond. This happens twice this season on The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The first time, Rick Grimes gets in a fistfight at the outpost. His gun goes off as the other man tosses it aside. If you’ve kept up with the recent Daniel Craig movies, there are many one-on-one fights where James Bond fights to the death.

For Rick Grimes, this meant throwing a man into a metal rod on the wall. In “Monsters,” we also see an homage to another new Bond flick.

Rick Grimes Gets His Double-O Status…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Moments after Daryl Dixon kills Morales; more Saviors arrive at the outpost. Then, Rick Grimes and Daryl get into a gunfight with these Saviors. Bullets are flying everywhere as the two try to advance on their enemy.

Rick and Daryl are surrounded on both sides. In the middle of a long hallway, Rick is firing one way while Daryl is firing the other. Bullets are raining in from sides as the two stand their ground.

Rick pulls out his last round as Daryl runs out of ammo. Then, he sees a fire extinguisher on the wall.

Homage To The Great 007, James Bond

James Bond | Photo Credit Skyfall

With little to no ammo left, Rick shoots the fire extinguisher. The smoke and fog cause their enemy to lose track of our heroes. Then, Daryl Dixon makes his move and runs towards Rick. The enemy attacks and our heroes take them out without the use of a gun.

Similarly, in the movie Skyfall, there’s a scene with the bad guy escapes and surrounds a court hearing. His men opened fire on the people inside the room, and James Bond arrives just in time.

Since he’s only got one gun, he’s got to think on his feet. He too sees fire extinguishers on the wall. With two quick shots, he fires and causes the fire extinguishers to be used as smoke grenades. This way, everyone can escape.

So far, Season 8 has had some moments similar to those of Jason Bourne (The Bourne Ultimatum), James Bond (Skyfall), and John McClane (Die Hard).

What homage to you think we’ll see next this season on The Walking Dead?

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