Rick Said 4 Words To Morales That The Internet Can’t Stop Obsessing Over…


When Jeffrey Dean Morgan arrived on set, he felt like the Saviors are as equally good as Rick Grimes and his people. He believes that if we had followed Negan from the beginning, we would like Negan and not Rick Grimes.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

If you think about it, Rick Grimes has done some terrible things, but for the right reasons. Likewise, Negan was only killing Glenn and Abraham because Rick had killed around a dozen of his men in an outpost.

It’s hard to imagine Rick with the bat in his hand, but he certainly did execute Gareth with a machete in a church. But, Morales proves Rick is not like Negan.

Rick Grimes No Different Than Negan?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

When Morales has a gun on Rick Grimes, the two are talking about the paths that led them to this room. Morales lost everything, and the Saviors found him, so he joined them to keep on surviving.

Morales believes that Rick Grimes must have done similar things to survive. In fact, he watched him kill the other Savior with his bare hands moments before. But their conversation about Glenn Rhee proves the difference.

Rick tells Morales that Glenn Rhee got married after the outbreak.

Love In A Hopeless Place…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Since Morales has lost everything, he can’t imagine finding love in such a cruel world. The difference in Rick’s Army and Negan’s Saviors is the reason in which they are fighting.

Rick’s people love his leadership and feel like they are fighting for a future. Negan’s men are fighting out of obligation. Negan, as an individual, is like Rick Grimes, but their leadership roles make the difference.

Glenn Rhee fought beside Rick Grimes and lived a life of love. Morales, Dwight, and most of the other Saviors live out of fear. They’re scared they will get burned with an iron or tossed into a fire for breaking one of Negan’s rules.

So when Rick Grimes tells Morales, “We’re not the same,” this is true, if only because of Glenn Rhee.

Do you think Negan could ever be considered the “good guy?”

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