[SPOILER] Everyone Is Stunned By This Rick and Eugene Moment… Listen Closely


“I’m sorry, I was in a meeting,” said Negan at the Sanctuary door. Surprisingly, he seemed cool and collected when Rick’s army arrived at the gate. Then, his Lieutenants came out, one-by-one, from Simon to the newly appointed Eugene.

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After some banter, Rick Grimes starts to get agitated. Negan wanted them to believe that he doesn’t want to fight because he cares about his people. Rick, on the other hand, knows that losing people is worth the freedom of the group.

Between the chants of Negan’s pissing contest, Eugene tries to speak up.

Eugene Tries To Speak Up

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“Dwight. Your name is Simon. You’re Gavin,” begins Rick Grimes. At this point, Eugene steps up to the plate, once he knows Rick has ignored him. “Rick, I would feel remised if…” he began.

“No. I know who you are,” confirmed Rick Grimes. The traitor slowly drops his head, Rick’s words cutting through him. The last time these two met, after all, he had a megaphone outside the walls of Alexandria.

Now, Rick Grimes has the final word.

Rick Grimes Comments On Eugene’s Character

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

When Rick tells him that he knows who he is, he’s talking about his character. It’s unclear what Eugene may have possibly said, but it’s nothing good. Luckily for everyone, Rick went ahead and cut him off.

By stopping his speech mid-sentence, it also reveals how small he believes the traitor to be. Not only did he arrive as a liar, telling Abraham and Rosita how important he believed he was, but he’s also a coward that will switch sides in an instant.

Eugene became a “Negan” as soon as he got the chance. Both Sasha and Daryl did everything they could not to side with Negan. For Sasha, this even meant taking her own life not to be a Savior.

Likewise, Daryl Dixon killed Fat Joey because the thought of “getting by” as a Savior repulsed him. 

Now, Rick Grimes tells Eugene that he sees him in the same light. There is no excuse for living with the enemy.

What do you think of the way that Rick handled Eugene?

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