Does Anybody Else Wonder This Same Question About Rick Grimes?


Rick Grimes promises loyalty or destruction on the latest episode of The Walking Dead. In “The King, the Widow, and Rick,” our hero decides to give the Scavengers an ultimatum, but it looks like things do not go his way.

The Joker | Photo Credit Dark Knight

In reality, Rick Grimes gives the audience a clue that makes us believe he planned on getting captured. Of course, he would have preferred the Scavengers allegiance, but he seems calm when they turn down his offer.

Perhaps he’s following the mad methods we’ve seen before in films like The Dark Knight and James Bond-driven Skyfall.

Rick Grimes, The Joker, And James Bond

Silva | Photo Credit Skyfall

In Christopher’s Nolan’s second Batman film, The Dark Knight, the good guys soon found out that the Joker meant to get himself caught. Likewise, in the James Bond film, Skyfall, Silva meant to get himself locked up.

For the films mentioned above, the bad guys got themselves caught in an effort to highlight their own ultimatums. For the Joker and Silva, getting put in a known location meant the build up a future attack.

Likewise, it sounds like Rick Grimes meant to get himself locked up at the Sanctuary.

The Purposeful Prison Experiment

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

When Rick told Jadis that her response would mean her demise, she still decided to tell him “No.” At that point, Rick Grimes had a funny look on his face. Rather than look upset, though, he seemed to look confident.

Our hero kept saying that he didn’t mind being grazed, rather than shot, but we know he wants to also take down Jadis and the Scavengers. Now, he’s got the chance to destroy both of these groups.

It’s unclear who is waiting on Rick Grimes, but once he doesn’t arrive, it’s likely that a secondary attack on the junkyard will begin. In fact, it looks like Daryl Dixon already has one of the garbage trucks.

While Rick Grimes is still keeping the plan from the audience, we assume he’s got a plan of attack that will take down the Sanctuary. Perhaps he’ll have another herd of walkers headed towards the junkyard.

Then again, as long as he’s in their prison, no one else can get to him. Perhaps he’s in the safest place to be at this point of the war.

Why do you think Rick Grimes got himself locked up at the junkyard?

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