What Rick Grimes’ Decision Not To Kill Negan Says About The Unfolding Plot


“People are a resource,” is a phrase Negan has said repeatedly. In “Big Scary U,” he reminds his troops that killing everyone is not an option. Surprisingly, both Rick Grimes and Negan are starting to agree on some battle tactics.

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During the Season 8 premiere, Rick Grimes seemed ready to kill everyone. After counting down from ten to seven, he opened fire on the Sanctuary. Along with his troops, they did their best to kill everyone on the site.

Now, Rick Grimes is starting to think more like Jesus and Negan.

Rick Grimes Negan Care About Their People…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Negan, Rick Grimes, and Jesus have different philosophies behind their methods, but each of them believes that people are a resource. During the premiere, this was the big argument between Tara and Jesus.

When the Saviors surrender, Jesus believes they can’t be executed. Tara, on the other hand, wants to kill all of the Saviors, whether or not they raise a white flag. This comes from her need to avenge Denise.

Rick Grimes and Negan have different paths to the same destination.

Changing Views On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Thanks to Morales and Baby Gracie, Rick is also starting to believe that people are a resource, despite their current standings. Like Jesus, Rick is starting to think of the future and how they can live with these people one day.

In the comic book, Rick Grimes changes a great deal and even decides to not kill Negan when he gets the chance. Instead, he uses the villain as an example, pointing to how everyone should get along and create a peaceful society.

For Negan, the slogan refers to using people. He doesn’t want to kill everyone like Simon suggests, and he gets upset when Regina kills a worker. Instead, this leader knows that he needs people to help other people, even if it’s against their will.

In the end, Rick Grimes and Negan are more similar than they care to admit, even if the reasoning behind their methods is different. This goes back to the old movie trope, “We’re not so different, you and I…”

Do you think these leaders will start to save more of their people during this war?

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