Rick Grimes Is About To Die…


Rick Grimes’ Days Are Numbered

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Major comic spoilers for The Walking Dead ahead. Consider yourself warned…

In Robert Kirkman’s comic, Rick’s love interest is Andrea. She was just killed in issue 167 when a walker bit her (issue 165). The latest comic was about her live funeral, where Rick had to stab a pre-animated Andrea as she was beginning to turn.

Based on this fact, it’s possible that since Michonne is following Andrea’s storyline, she could be the next to die on the AMC version of the show. If Michonne dies, that could mean the end for Rick Grimes.

Here’s why Rick Grimes might finally be killed off on The Walking Dead…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Back when Deanna was leading Alexandria, Michonne was the one to hear and discuss her future plans for the Safe Zone. In addition, Rick also just confided in Michonne that she should lead if he were to die in the upcoming war.

For years, Rick Grimes has seemed like the leader of all leaders, but perhaps there are better options out there. Based on everyone’s confidence in Michonne, perhaps Rick will die rather than Michonne in the comics.

Rick was recently rather careless back at the fair as well.

Kirkman Says Rick Will Die One Day

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Robert Kirkman has always said that Rick’s death is not an “if,” but a “when,” meaning he will one day be killed off as Dead lives on. Rick could be the one to get bitten, leading to a slow death, and live funeral.

At Andrea’s funeral, everyone came to say their goodbyes, which would play out well for Rick Grimes on the series. Even Negan came by to see her in the comic, which would be amazing to watch on television if Rick were bitten.

At this point, there’s no proof as to what will happen next on the show, but Rick Grimes will one day be no more and this could be his way out.

Do you think Rick Grimes will die before Michonne?

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