Did You Catch Who Rick Honoured In This Scene From The Latest Episode…


On The Walking Dead, it’s important to pay homage to fallen characters. Last year, we watched as Maggie put on a hat like Glenn’s and gloves on like Abraham’s. Now, Rick Grimes thinks back on how Sasha Williams started the forward progress of this war.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Since Alexandria, Hilltop, and the Kingdom are now working together, it would appear that the various groups have made up a sort of postage system. Through letters, the three groups are communicating with one another.

“The plan is working,” wrote Rick Grimes. “We’re doing this. We’re winning…”

Rick Grimes Remembers Sasha Williams

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“We had a hard fight. We lost people—brave people who gave their lives to make sure we won,” wrote Rick Grimes. “By the time it was over, there weren’t any Saviors left standing.”

In this message, it’s clear that Rick’s thoughts are going to Glenn Rhee, Abraham Ford, Eric, Sasha, and more. In another message, Rick Grimes learns that Maggie is debating what to do with Jesus’ prisoners.

While heading to the Scavengers, Rick thought back about Sasha Williams sacrifice.

“Scarier Than I Thought It Would Be…”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“All of it—it’s scarier than I thought it would be,” wrote Rick. “But we’re doing it. We have to. Sasha was first and now there’s been more. The sacrifices are real. We need to make it right for them.”

Before the war, we see Rick Grimes visit the graves of Abraham and Glenn. However, it’s also possible that he’s also visiting the grave of Sasha. While it isn’t clear, it’s easy to imagine the group deciding to bury her next to Abraham.

Through these letters, Rick and the other leaders are doing their best to inspire the group. Maggie, Rick, and Carol seem to be in charge of communicating with the three communities.

Unfortunately, this signifies to everyone that King Ezekiel is no longer fit to lead the Kingdom. Carol tries her best to inspire him, but she quickly determines that he doesn’t have what it takes at the moment to lead.

What did you think of this brief Sasha tribute on The Walking Dead?

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