Is Rick Grimes Too Focused On Negan Death?


On The Walking Dead, Rick Grimes has only been speaking about the future. In Season 7, this helped him round up the troops to take down the Saviors. However, based on the Season 8 premiere, it looks like he’s still too focused on Negan death.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

While the three groups are getting ready, Rick Grimes gives a speech. In that speech, he talks about the fact that they’ve “Already won” and how he will kill Negan, himself. At the actual battle, however, he looks too focused.

This nearly gets him killed when Daryl and the walkers arrive.

Rick Grimes Wants Negan Death

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Rick Grimes loses his cool with Negan while waiting for the Saviors to give in or give up. He asked if they’re really going to make him count to get his point across. He starts counting down from ten, but loses his cool around number seven.

At this point, Rick is locked and loaded. He starts firing at the Saviors and quickly the rest of his troops join in. Before too long, Maggie and the King are taking out the windows to the Sanctuary and likely making glass rain on those inside.

But, when it’s time to leave, Rick Grimes keeps on shooting.

This Isn’t About One Man, Or Is It?

The Walking Dead Negan Death | Photo Credit AMC
The Walking Dead Negan Death | Photo Credit AMC

Earlier in the episode, Father Gabriel comforts Rick by telling him the war is not about one man. When the battle begins, however, Rick Grimes is so focused on Negan death that he nearly risks his life to take him out.

The fence has fallen and Rick’s army is preparing to leave while Daryl Dixon’s walkers are coming in to finish off the job. Negan has ducked down behind cover and Rick keeps shooting at him, even though he’s hidden.

Essentially, if the walkers would get to Negan first, he would have to leave his protected area and Rick could likely have shot him. On the contrary, the walkers were headed towards Rick.

If Father Gabriel hadn’t came up to Rick to remind him that the battle isn’t about one man, he likely would have been walker chow. Rick’s greed got in the way and this ended up causing Father Gabriel to be left behind.

Do you think Rick even realized what was going on through his rage?

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