Rick Grimes And Daryl Dixon Actors Caught Surfing In Costa Rica

Andrew Lincoln | Photo Credit Pop Sugar

Walking Dead Actors Take A Beach Getaway

Norman Reedus | Photo Credit Pop Sugar

Despite their busy schedules, it looks like actors Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) and Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) managed to take a break from their busy schedules to catch some waves down in Costa Rica.

First, Norman Reedus was spotted in a wetsuit, next to his new girlfriend, actress Diane Kruger. The two have been together since around 2015 and have to travel in order to see one another.

It looks like all of these actors were actually spotted in the airport and on the beach as fans and paparazzi have spotted them all. In addition, there are also photos of Greg Nicotero on the beach with the gang.

Lincoln Poses With Various Fans

Andrew Lincoln | Photo Credit Pop Sugar

The Costa Rica Star writes:

“Actors of the popular television series The Walking Dead, Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus have been spotted in the country, apparently this is not a coincidence. Englishman Andrew Lincoln is best known for his portrayal of Rick Grimes the lead character in The Walking Dead.”

“He has been spotted by several fans in the area of Nosara, Guanacaste, apparently he arrived earlier this week. Lincoln has posed with his followers in various pictures showing his humbleness and charisma.”

Reedus And Kruger Take A Break

Reedus, Kruger | Photo Credit Pop Sugar

MSN writes:

“Reedus and Kruger met when they costarred in the 2015 movie Sky, and were spotted showing major PDA in March when they were seen kissing in New York City after leaving his place in the East Village.”

“The relationship is the first for the actress after splitting with her boyfriend of 10 years, Joshua Jackson, in July 2016. Reedus has a son, Mingus, with supermodel Helena Christensen and was previously linked to Courtney Love and Walking Dead costars Laurie Holden and Emily Kinney.”

What do you think of these celebrity travel plans?

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