Did You Notice That Rick Stole THIS “Move” From The Governor…


Among the many small battles in the first few season of The Walking Dead, it’s clear that The Governor is Rick Grimes’ first real nemesis. However, thanks to this first enemy, Rick will likely be able to beat his newest enemy, Negan.

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Like Batman and the Joker or Superman and Lex Luther, having a proper villain can make or break a hero. Likewise, because Rick was able to defeat the Governor, he knew how to defeat Negan.

In the first battle, it’s all about the fence.

The Governor Taught Rick Grimes…

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Back when Rick Grimes had the prison, it was pretty clear that the Governor wanted to take this fortress for himself. In a surprise move, he virtually came to gate knocking and asked for Rick to let him in.

The Governor used Hershel and Michonne as bate, which made Rick and company come out to try and help. What’s more is that the Governor also had a tank which made things easier for him.

Rick used several of these tactics for his first real battle with Negan.

The Ultimate Plan Of Attack

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Outside of the Sanctuary, after they took out the lookouts, Rick Grimes shot in the air to signal Negan. Soon, Negan and his goons came outside. Surprisingly, Negan remained calm, cool, and collected.

While Rick didn’t have anyone hostage like the Governor, he did use a few methods to take down the fence. First, he created several explosions and opened fire with everything he had.

Rick Grimes didn’t have a tank, but he did have an RV covered in armor. This allowed for Father Gabriel to bust down the gate. Once the gate fell, Rick used another tactic that the Governor used, even though it may have been a mistake.

Once the prison walls fell, several walkers got in. Rather than simply hope that walkers arrived, Rick had Daryl round up hundreds of walkers to come in and do the dirty work after the first attack.

If it weren’t for the Governor, Rick Grimes would not have known how to bring this first fight to Negan.

Do you think there was a better way to plan this attack?


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