They Just Asked Andrew Lincoln What He Wants Rick To Do, His Answer Is Gold…


Andrew Lincoln Talks Rick Grimes

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Every actor wants something different for The Walking Dead. Mainly the actors want to see their characters survive during the zombie apocalypse. Surprisingly, Rick Grimes actor Andrew Lincoln gave one of the funniest answers.

Rather than focusing on his character’s survival, he’s more obsessed with taking it easy a few seasons. Season 7 was difficult for Andrew Lincoln where Rick Grimes was the weakling on the show.

Now he’s back and ready for action, but that means tough scenes in the scorching Georgia heat.

Rick Grimes Actor Talks “Christmas”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Entertainment Weekly

“I want Daryl Dixon to give me his motorcycle, crossbow, and jacket, first thing,” joked the actor. Andrew Lincoln appreciates the “coolness” of Dary Dixon and what makes his character so iconic.

“That would be my sort of Christmas when he gives it to me,” said Andrew Lincoln. Daryl Dixon did give Rick Grimes one gift last season. After he escaped and killed Fat Joey, he also lifted Rick’s gun to give back to him.

Next, Andrew Lincoln spoke about the future of the Grimes family.

Will Carl Grimes Eventually Take Over?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The star of the show also wants “…for the kid to take over the reins and so I can kick back and play computer games for a couple of seasons with Eugene. So maybe a few more laughs and a few more beach scenes.”

Rick Grimes also got a brief glimpse at this type of scene in Season 7 as well. While scavenging for food and supplies, Rick and Michonne spent a night at the fair. Sure, they both almost died, but they did celebrate with mac and cheese.

Season 8 is going to be action-packed, so it’s unlikely Andrew Lincoln will get any freebies anytime soon. More than likely, he’s going to be running around in the heat and killing Saviors and walkers for the next few episodes.

What do you think of Andrew Lincoln’s predictions for the next 100 shows?

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