Were You One Of The Few To Recognize THIS Savior From This Super Popular TV Show?


In the latest episode of The Walking Dead, we got see another outpost from the Saviors. “Let’s hurry it up. We’ve got our pants down out here,” said the Lieutenant of this unit to another Savior.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The Lieutenant decides to relieve Todd from his maintenance station after he slightly back talks her. She continues to belittle the man and then tells him to head inside and pack a cooler.

Surprisingly, this actor comes from the Disney channel, where he once on a show called Boy Meets World.

Former Disney Star Arrives As Savior

Girl Meets World | Photo Credit Disney

Lee Norris has had some small roles in major movies like Gone Girl and Zodiac, but he got his start on a show called Boy Meets World. The TGIF series ran from 1993 until 2000 on both ABC and Disney.

The show followed an adolescent Cory Matthews, played by Ben Savage. Ironically, the show was quite similar to The Wonder Years, which was another coming-of-age story that showcased Ben’s brother, Fred Savage.

Lee Norris starred Stuart Minkus in the early years of the series.

Killing Saviors, Saving Workers

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Now, Lee Norris has a minor role as a Savior on The Walking Dead. Based on this scene, he is more of a worker than a shooter. This will likely come in handy, seeing as Jesus wants to protect workers while Tara wants to kill them all.

When the Lieutenant removed Todd from his station, she unknowingly saved the man’s life. While he was in the back, it’s possible he was able to find cover. Once the others are all killed, Aaron may choose to keep this man as a hostage.

Meanwhile, Jesus and Tara were having their debate of ethics. Tara wanted to kill every single Savior, but Jesus doesn’t want to kill anyone waving a white flag. Despite one man getting a jump on him, he sticks to his guns.

Later, Jesus has to stop Morgan from making the same decision as Tara. For Jesus, he believes that these people should be taken back to Maggie. Tara, on the other hand, would rather take no prisoners.

Did you recognize this former Disney character on The Walking Dead?


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