REVEALED: The Real Reason The Scavengers Are Making Rick Grimes Fight Nude


The first time Rick Grimes met the Scavengers, he had to fight Winston the walker. Despite getting a spike through his hand, Rick didn’t have much trouble taking down the advanced walker. In the latest episode, the Scavengers literally tied his hands.

This time, the challenge was different. The Scavengers tied up his hands, stripped him down, and tossed him at a walker with his hands tied. While treating him like bait, he fought back and took out several Scavengers, Jadis, and the walker.

More than likely, the Scavengers had a plan to turn Rick Grimes into a walker and parade him around like a trophy.

Rick Grimes Shot, Stabbed, And Back For More

The Scavengers are artists, but they aren’t fighters. So far, we’ve only seen them double-cross our hero. With his hands up last season, Rick Grimes got shot in the gut by Jadis but now he had to come back for more.

When it came down to it though, the Scavengers are weak. Rick Grimes had both hands tied and single-handedly took out his captors. In fact, when he restates the ultimatum, he makes it clear that he no longer respects these people.

Instead, he tells them they’re better off just to run, because of how bad they will be destroyed by his army.

Turning Scavengers Into Soldiers

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Beyond these two fights, it would appear that Jadis now respects Rick Grimes. On the other hand, Rick no longer respects Jadis or the other Scavengers. Instead, he’s just using them as pawns within his army.

When Rick Grimes arrived back at the Sanctuary, he learned the bad news that Daryl struck without him. Now he’s going to have to figure out what to do next and how he can use the Scavengers.

Initially, his plan was simply to showcase his numbers. With the Sanctuary surrounded by walkers, Rick could show Negan that no one was coming to help them. But they’re nowhere to be found.

Now, Rick Grimes is going to have to train these Scavengers to be soldiers.

Do you think these two walker pets were once people like Rick Grimes?

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