[SPOILER] Here’s What The “Morgan Crossover” REALLY Means…


After the Abraham Ford rumors turned out to be wrong, fans were upset to hear that Morgan will be going from The Walking Dead to Fear the Walking Dead. Now, what sounded like a fun crossover has fans worried about Morgan’s true fate.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

At first, this sounded like Morgan would be killed off on The Walking Dead. In reality, it’s more likely that he’s the only one guaranteed to survive. We predict that Morgan will survive the war and then head west to meet up with Fear.

Hopefully, this isn’t just a stunt to brings fans over to Fear the Walking Dead.

Morgan Prepares For Fear the Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Instead of a pure stunt, the move is hopefully meant to make a major shift on both shows. If Morgan goes over to Fear the Walking Dead, the two worlds will be officially united.

The main obstacle to connect the two shows will be the timeline. Back when we thought Abraham Ford was going to be on Fear, this crossover meant the union would have taken place in the past.

With Morgan going over, this means the crossover is happening in the future.

Speculation About The Crossover

Fear, The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Rather than a fun crossover (like Brooklyn 99 meets The New Girl), this crossover is meant to make two worlds into one. Fear the Walking Dead is going to have to have a time jump to place Morgan in their world.

In the future, Madison and her crew are going to set up shop in Houston, Texas. Eventually, Morgan will have to find his way into their group. Eventually, some new group will destroy their new civilization.

By necessity, the cast of Fear the Walking Dead will need to go set up a new civilization. When Morgan finally believes that he can trust her, he will tell her about Rick Grimes and the future.

There’s a lot of room to fill in the blanks with this prediction, but there’s one other long-term goal that could rock both worlds. There’s a rumor that the crew behind Fear could possibly become the Whisperers on The Walking Dead.

Do you think the writers behind these shows are thinking this far ahead?


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