The Real Purpose Of Carl Grimes Death Was Proven In This Conversation


Michonne and Rick Grimes were surprised to find a letter from Carl Grimes to Negan in the pile but it meant a great deal to the story. In the end, Rick decided to paraphrase and ignore the letter, but he did tell Negan the truth about his son.

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Ironically, the scene showcased more of Negan than Rick. The grieving father proved he did not want to listen to his son’s final wishes. But Negan was clearly upset about the news, which humanized him as a character.

Plus, he also argued with Simon about the importance of saving people as a resource. Based on the letter, Negan and Carl Grimes actually have a similar mindset, but go about it in two very different ways.

Carl Grimes’ Death Will Hurt Negan

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After Negan confirmed that his people didn’t kill the boy, he wished Rick Grimes his condolences. Despite his son’s wishes, Rick once again told Negan that he still planned to kill him.

“I um… I am sorry,” said a tearful Negan. “You know, I wanted him to be a part of things. I had plans…that kid…that kid was the future.” Once again, Rick Grimes promised to kill Negan and that he wouldn’t see a future. “What the hell are you doing, Rick?” he asked.

Negan Blames Rick For Carl’s Death

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“Why are you fighting? Why are you making this so hard?” Negan asked. “Carl is dead because of you. Because you couldn’t leave shit well-enough alone. I mean, hell, maybe he would have died some other way. Anyone of us can get our ticket punched any second, but in this case…he is dead because of you.”

Negan told his enemy, “You weren’t there to stop him from doing something stupid. You set this course, Rick. Who’s next?” he asked. Negan then reminded Rick that he still believes that the Saviors are the answer. Basically, Negan is proving he agrees with Carl, even if his vision of the future isn’t quite as peaceful.

“Hell, I’m feeling [Carl’s death]. And I’m going to be feeling it for a while,” said Negan. “You could have just let me save all of you. That’s why I killed your friends in the first place… you failed as a leader and you failed as a father… Just give up.”

The episode was meant to humanize Negan, but clearly, the path is a winding road.

What do you think will happen next on The Walking Dead?

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