From Prada Model to Tennis with Andre Agassi to Daryl Dixon


Not many people think of Prada when they consider Daryl Dixon, but Norman Reedus has quite a resume outside of The Walking Dead.

Many first saw Reedus in The Boondock Saints, but the zombie killer originally beat out Nicolas Cage for a Prada campaign. He’s also played semi-professional tennis with Andre Agassi. Quite a resume.

On Live with Kelly, Norman Reedus sat down to discuss his past and Daryl Dixon’s future. “Believe it or not,” said Reedus when asked about being a Prada model early on in his career. “That’s the face I make when I have to stand still for a long time,” joked Reedus on the morning show.

Norman Reedus | Photo Credit Prada
Norman Reedus | Photo Credit Prada

Beating Out Nicolas Cage

“It was a series of actors that did the campaign. Tim Roth, John Malkovich, Joaquin [Phoenix], and then a Japanese actor after him. Then I got a call saying, “It’s between you and Nicolas Cage to do a Prada campaign,” and I was like, “What’s Prada?”

Reedus got the job.

Reedus has a handful of film credits at this time, such as Floating, Mimic, and Six Ways to Sunday, but the modeling campaign helped his career, and he was actually in 8MM with Nicolas Cage before The Boondock Saints hit theaters.

Prodding a little further, the morning hosts then asked Reedus about playing tennis with Andre Agassi. To clarify, Reedus explained he played at several tennis academies that Agassi had attended.

“He wasn’t my one-on-one partner. He would have clobbered me,” confirmed Reedus.

“But he was there as well.”

Reedus than said that he was pretty good at tennis, at the time. “I’ve moved on to ping pong,” joked Reedus. “Andy Lincoln (Rick Grimes), on our show is an amazing ping pong player. I’m practicing up to beat him.”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC
The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Reedus on The Walking Dead

Reedus moved on to avoid giving any future details about the show, but he did discuss some of his crazier fans.

“I got bitten in New Jersey. It was a really nice lady, but when I went in to hug her, she kind of turned into a werewolf. She howled to the sky and then chomped on me.”

It’s hard to imagine having such intense fans, but Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon is certainly one of the best characters on television right now. I don’t think I’d bite him if I ran into Reedus on the street, but I just might howl.

Did you know Norman Reedus beat out Nicolas Cage for the job of Prada model?

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