PollyAnna McIntosh Addresses The Whisperers Rumor For Next Season

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

All Out War Right Around The Corner

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The All Out War storyline where Rick Grimes battles Negan’s Saviors is right around the corner. Not only do we get to see an action-packed season, but it’s likely we’ll get a first look at Rick’s next enemy, The Whisperers.

Last season, Rick ran into Jadis and the Heapsters. After a battle with Winslow, it looked like Rick had finally found his army to fight off Negan. In the end, however, Jadis double-crossed Rick and nearly killed him.

There’s a rumor that the Heapsters will actually turn into the Whisperers.

McIntosh Would Love To Play Alpha

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics

Movie Pilot writes:

“In our far-too-brief encounter, McIntosh said she would love to play Alpha. Those who have read the Walking Dead comics know that Alpha is bald. Turns out, McIntosh would have no qualms shaving her head for the role, explaining that it’s for #TheWalkingDead, after all.”

“I would say that takes a huge amount of dedication (and it does), but admit it: What fan wouldn’t shave their head for a chance to appear on the show? Or, in McIntosh’s case, to continue appearing on the show? But, like always, with the good news comes the bad…”

Robert Kirkman Addresses Rumor

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Like always, The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman soon squashed the rumor by saying that Jadis would not become the leader of The Whisperers. This is unfortunate news for fans and actress PollyAnna McIntosh.

That said, nothing is for certain on The Walking Dead. Heapsters, after all, are not in the comic so it’s unclear what will happen to them. We did see Jadis briefly in the trailer so she’ll definitely be around throughout the next season.

If Jadis isn’t the leader of the Whisperers, then it’s unclear what will happen next with the Heapsters. They seem to be on Negan’s team, but only if the money is right. Even this seems odd as what’s left of Negan’s code should make him not even trust Jadis, who double-crossed Rick.

Can Jadis or the Heapsters really be trusted by anyone?

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