Has Paul “Jesus” Rovia Already Visited The Kingdom?


After six seasons on The Walking Dead, we’ve become accustomed to seeing Rick Grimes as the man with the plan. But this season, could another character bring everyone together?

We’re just getting to know Paul “Jesus” Rovia. He’s a resident of the Hilltop but doesn’t necessarily spend much time there. Jesus is a recruiter, so he’s most often out roaming the countryside. As such, he likely knows the surrounding area better than almost anyone.

Jesus: A Friend to All?

Tom Payne as Jesus on The Walking DeadOne of the biggest story points this season has been the introduction of new communities like the Kingdom and Oceanside. But it stands to reason that Jesus is likely aware of at least one of those communities.

“We’ve got the new community that was introduced,” says Tom Payne, who plays Jesus, referring to Oceanside. “And it will be interesting to see how everything ends up — like, why did that storyline play out?

There are lots of threads which happen. And the Kingdom is there. Has Jesus been to the Kingdom before? Maybe he has. Maybe he has relationships there. But who knows?”

That “who knows” at the end is a nice way of Payne denying what he seemingly just confirmed. Jesus and Ezekiel are both charismatic characters who would presumably have a mutual respect for one another. Considering they’re both in service of Negan and the Saviors, it seems likely these two communities are in contact with one another.

The Man With the Plan

“Actually, I find it interesting myself,” says Payne. “Like, how many communities has Jesus been to? How many are out there and how many does he know about and how much of a plan has he been putting together in his head?

Because I think when he met Rick’s group, he was definitely thinking, well, things are going to have to change at the Hilltop at some point and Gregory is the leader for now but it’s kind of an imperfect situation and maybe something can change.

“And in [episode 5] you could see that he got the strength through Maggie and Sasha being there and he was like, okay, yeah, this is the time. “Cause also, things are getting much more serious. And so Sasha sent him to the Sanctuary to check it out and I think ideas are going through his head about other steps they could take to move forward.”

That’s an interesting take.

Could it be Jesus who comes up with the idea to unite the communities against Negan?

After all, no one would know the strengths and weaknesses of the surrounding communities better than Jesus. And after his new mission to the Sanctuary, Jesus will now know exactly what everyone is up against.

Do you think Jesus has already visited the Kingdom?

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