The 11 Most Shocking Moments From The Walking Dead Season 8


Some people claim that The Walking Dead is running out of steam. Although that is debatable, there were definitely some solid moments during Season 8. Some of the moments were emotional, while other were shocking, and some were even a combination of both. We’ve ranked the 11 most shocking moments from The Walking Dead Season 8, with number one being the most shocking. Let us know which moments were your favorite ones in the comments.

11) Blind Faith on The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In the world of The Walking Dead, there’s something important about a man of faith. Father Gabriel has had his ups and downs throughout the series, being introduced as a selfish coward, but he’s now working to be better.

After Eugene decided to help Carson and Gabriel, the duo heard a sound coming from the brush. As they got closer, it was clear that there was a dwelling hidden in the woods. Based on the noise, it was also clear that the area had been abandoned. As they went inside, they found antibiotics and keys to a vehicle.

Despite their good fortune, they were eventually surrounded by the Saviors. Dr. Carson, a man of science, started to agree with Father Gabriel, a man of the cloth, but he took things too far when he reached for a gun. The good doctor was shot and left for dead in the woods. Father Gabriel was forced to work in Eugene’s factory.

After the war, he returned to the church where Carl Grimes died. We’re predicting a blind future for the Priest, but also a more peaceful one.

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