Former The Walking Dead Writer Creates New Sci-Fi Series With Amazon

Former The Walking Dead Writer Creates New Sci-Fi Series With Amazon

By Brock Swinson | Monday Monday Staff -    2018-02-16    2 min read

Virgin Media just struck their first deal with Amazon to co-fund a $40-million sci-fi series with a writer from The Walking Dead. The Feed will be a 10-part series set in London in the future.

The new series is based on the book by author Nick Clark Windo. The series comes from The Walking Dead writer and co-executive producer Channing Powell. The story exists in a dystopian society.

Powell has also worked on the USA hit, White Collar.

The Walking Dead Writer Builds New Dystopian Future

Season 8 of The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

According to The Guardian, the show “is set in a dystopian society where an implant that nearly everyone has that allows memories, emotions and information to be shared goes horribly wrong.”

It’s possible more and more of these types of shows will come up. This is based on the popularity of Netflix’s Black Mirror. In fact, their new movie The Cloverfield Paradox also feels like a Black Mirror episode.

But if you combine Black Mirror and The Walking Dead, the show should be a hit.

Streaming Services Continue To Alter Television

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

With the two companies combining, some people are worried about the future of television. Netflix, Virgin Media, and Amazon are bringing a threat to traditional television, but these tech companies see it as “partners, not predators.”

“Some commentators have said the likes of Amazon are rivals to TV businesses like ours, but we do not think that’s the case,” said Virgin CEO David Bouchier. “As this commission shows, we view the likes of Amazon as partners not predators and we are looking forward to working closely with them.”

There hasn’t been an official budget announcement for The Feed yet. On an annual scale, Netflix spends around $8 billion where Amazon spends $4.5 billion. This is how both networks have some top-level programming.

In addition, this is Virgin Media’s biggest move in original programming since it shut down a different content arm ten years ago. But with all of these chess pieces on the board, some of the streaming services will actually lose access. Disney, for example, pulled content from Netflix in the US and plans to make their own service.

Are you looking forward to this new series from a The Walking Dead writer?

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