IT’S OFFICIAL: The Walking Dead Loses Major Character To Fear The Walking Dead


After much speculation, Talking Dead just announced who will be making the crossover between The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead. Surprisingly, it’s not who we were expecting, by a long shot.

Fear the Walking Dead
The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Fans of The Walking Dead are sad to hear that Morgan Jones will be living the main show to head over to the sister show. However, the announcement might not be exactly what fans are expecting.

After all, the big problem here lies in the time gap.

Major Character Joins Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead
The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Originally, everyone thought that this character switch would mean that Morgan Jones is going to die. That way, he could arrive on the prequel, Fear the Walking Dead, and link the two zombie worlds.

Instead, it might mean that he will definitely survive the war. If Morgan survives, it’s likely that he will want to take another journey on his own. That way, he could run into someone from the cast of Fear the Walking Dead.

This would mean that Fear the Walking Dead will possibly catch up to The Walking Dead on the same linear timeline.

Playing The Long Game On AMC

Fear the Walking Dead
Fear the Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

While some fans believe this is merely a pushback to bring fans over the Fear the Walking Dead, we think there’s more to it. If the two shows start to exist in a tighter universe, there could one day be multiple character jumps.

More than likely, the creators are thinking about the long-term game. Some fans even believe that a character on Fear will somehow become the leader of the whisperers.

This is a much different approach than the original rumors about Abraham Ford heading over to Fear. This way, the two shows could truly become one mega-show for the network.

If Madison and her group run into Morgan, he could eventually integrate himself into their group. Then, if something goes wrong (or right) for them, he could decide they should meet up with Rick Grimes and another safe area.

This is also the only way the two groups could meet without it being sheer luck.

Do you think this sounds plausible for Morgan on Fear the Walking Dead?

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