Did You Know THESE Two Characters On TWD Are Real Life Siblings?


“Get away from me. You remind me of my daughter,” joked Melissa McBride, who plays Carol Peletier on The Walking Dead. On an episode of Talking Dead, the actress revealed that actors Madison Lintz (Carol’s daughter Sophia) and Macsen Lintz (Henry from Kingdom) are siblings in real life.

Lintz Siblings | Photo Credit AMC

“Those scenes are hard to do – being mean to the kids,” said Melissa McBride. For whatever reason, kids are continually attracted to Carol, even though she expresses her same lone wolf mentality to the kids, just like she would an adult.

In reality, McBride did say those scenes with Henry are especially difficult since she used to work with his sister, who played her daughter.

Carol Peletier Talks To Benjamin’s Brother, Henry

In Season 8, Benjamin’s little brother Henry went out in the woods to try and fight walkers with a staff. After swinging his staff around a few times, Carol Peletier came in to save the day.

“I told you not to follow me. Do you know what happens to kids when they go wandering around in the woods? They never get seen again and if they do, they’re monsters,” said Carol Peletier.

This scene is all the more powerful knowing she’s thinking about her daughter Sophia and looking at someone who looks like her.

Looking Back At The Sophia Barn Scene

Back when Shane and Rick were arguing over leadership, Shane decided to open Hershel’s barn full of walkers. Lori pushed young Carl Grimes behind her and everyone else got ready to kill these barnyard walkers.

Soon after, the walkers began to pour out. Andrea ran up with her gun and she and Shane started shooting. Meanwhile, from afar, Hershel had to watch as he saw his friends and neighbors die again.

Then, T-Dog came up and started shooting. After the walkers appeared to have strength in numbers, Glenn asked Maggie if he could join in. After a dozen or so walkers came out, the real heartbreak followed after.

The scene is heartbreaking because Hershel is watching his friends and neighbors die, but it gets even more familiar with the final walker exits. In the back of the barn, Carol’s daughter Sophia walks out, reanimated as a zombie.

Did you know these two actors were siblings in real life?

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