Norman Reedus Reveals Unexpected “Detail” In This Fight Scene


“My first thought was that Andy’s going to try to do some rewrites, throw in 12 karate kicks to my throat,” joked Norman Reedus about the Rick Grimes Daryl Dixon fight. “But yeah, they’re always fun,” he said.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Since both actors do most of their own stunts, they joked that this fight (and the episode) meant taking lots of Advil between takes. In addition to their own stunts, they also spent more time rolling around and Andrew Lincoln actually hit Norman Reedus in the jaw.

“Andy got a little sucker punch into the jaw there, which he’ll never admit, but I’m saying it,” said Norman Reedus.

Behind The Rick Grimes Daryl Dixon Fight

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The scene was relatively short on AMC, but there was a lot more involved. In addition to the choreography, there were also explosions on set. Due to the time explosion, they had to be careful about where they were on set.

Most of the choreography ended up getting cut from the shot. Norman Reedus also joked that it likely looked too much like gymnastics than a real fight. On AMC, we really just saw a few swings and then the chokehold.

“It was a lot of time to beat the crap out of him,” said Norman Reedus.

Norman Reedus Talks The Brotherhood

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

As for the aftermath, Norman Reedus confirmed that the two are still like brothers. Despite beating the crap out of one another, they’re going to be just fine in the future, like real brothers.

Reedus added, “We’re both still pissed at each other, but how far are you going to take it? So, that scene, I really liked it. It was very simple. It’s very straight to the point, and there was humor to it, too.”

The actor also spoke about the more real they acted, the funnier it appeared to be on set. This is very true after the fight, when Rick Grimes tells his brother, Daryl Dixon, “Chokehold is illegal, asshole.”

As for their next debate, Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon are going to have to make a decision on how to handle the Saviors. Based on some audio from the trailer, Daryl has a few more tricks up his sleeve to kill lots and lots of Saviors.

Do you think we’ll see another Rick Grimes Daryl Dixon fight anytime soon?

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