Will Daryl Dixon Be The Last Man Standing On The Walking Dead?


“I get surprised by this show all the time. This could go on forever,” said Norman Reedus at the 2017 Comic-Con. At the time, this was eight episodes before fans found out about the pending death of Carl Grimes.

But as for the full answer to the question, Norman Reedus had to pass the question to comic creator Robert Kirkman. “Thanks for passing the buck,” joked the creator in front of fans at Hall H.

“We got all kinds of great stuff planned,” he said about the future of the show. “You can see that our next season will be action-packed and very fast-paced.”

Norman Reedus Wants To Bookend The Show

Angela Kang and Norman Reedus | Photo Credit Tumblr

While the comments above were said before Season 8, Norman Reedus has also said he doesn’t want to leave the show. There’s a rumor that Andrew Lincoln is prepared to leave, but Reedus wants to bookend the show.

Basically, the actor, better known as Daryl Dixon, has been around since the beginning (he refers to himself as an O.G.) and could be the last man standing. Since he’s not the comic book, we don’t know when or how Daryl might die.

So perhaps Daryl Dixon won’t die. With Carl Grimes slowly fading away, it’s possible that Daryl could be the last man standing.

Will Daryl Dixon Be The Last Man Standing?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

There’s no reason to think that Daryl Dixon would ever die. The closest he’s ever come to dying was submitting to Negan. Negan chose to kill Glenn and Abraham but then he kidnapped Daryl.

However, Negan never really wanted to kill Daryl Dixon. Instead, he wanted to bring in Daryl to become a Savior. Luckily for everyone, Daryl’s loyalty isn’t as easy to take as Eugene’s.

In the end, we’re thrilled that Daryl has decided to stick with Rick Grimes. But we can’t help but wonder if he really would be better off alone. He did once join the Claimers, but he left them once he found out the truth about them.

Either way, Daryl has the best skills and mentality to survive, even if that occasionally means going against his brother, Rick.

Do you think Daryl Dixon will be the last man standing on The Walking Dead?


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