Norman Reedus Reads The Most Bizarre Erotic The Walking Dead Fan Fiction


“Rick decides to play a tracking game, and Daryl is easy enough to convince to join,” read Norman Reedus for Page Six. The actor and star from The Walking Dead read some unusual fan-fiction that surrounded his character, Daryl Dixon.

Not all of the erotic fan fiction even relates to the actual story. In one selection, Rick and Daryl are working a pizza restaurant. In another, they’re decorating a Christmas Tree for the holidays.

Norman Reedus read the title, “An Eyeful for Santa,” and said, “This might be good…”

Norman Reedus Reads Bizarre Fan Fiction

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“Rick and Daryl decorate for Christmas…all does not go well, or does it?” read the actor. “That’s not that good,” he added in the video. In another story, he read a short called “I’ll Put You Back Together.”

The next piece read, “Daryl is a broken piece of glass, and Rick has his own cracks… They feed off each other’s strength when they grow weary, and that is what Daryl believes causes him to fall in love.”

In the background, Page Six highlighted some of their more tender moments of brotherly love from the series.

Brotherly Love, Love Loss, And “Weird Sh*t”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“With their brotherly bond and incredible trust, it’s impossible not to fall in love with the man,” read Norman Reedus from the fan fiction. “They both face many traumas. Rick lost his wife when the world went to sh*t, and on top of that, he has to hide his developing feelings and urges to help a man he’s come to love.”

Clearly, fans who write this type of fan fiction are really diving into those scenes between Rick and Daryl. The next part got to Norman Reedus a little. He said, “But after Daryl is beaten, raped, and loses his brother…” He added, “Wow…”

“That’s so dysfunctional,” he finally said as he handed the script back over to the camera person. “What’s wrong with you handing me that? Jeez. I give up. I quit,” he said in an Eraserhead tee and sunglasses.

What do you think about this ridiculous fan fiction dedicated to Daryl and Rick?

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