Norman Reedus Shares Heartfelt Post About Andrew Lincoln Departure


Recently, news leaked that Andrew Lincoln may be leaving The Walking Dead. It’s unclear why or how this could happen, but since Norman Reedus has also shared a message about his co-star’s exit, it certainly seems to be a legitimist issue.

Do Not Send Us Astray

According to various reports, Andrew Lincoln will only appear in around six episodes of the next sixteen episodes (this is also true for Lauren Cohan).

With that in mind, it’s possible that Rick Grimes won’t even make it past the mid-season finale.

Scott Gimple and company have promised a completely new show for fans and it certainly sounds like they’re making good on this promise. Fans are upset, but clearly, Norman Reedus is also

Fans are upset, but Norman Reedus’ shook up about the news as well.

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