The Secret Name Of Daryl Dixon’s Crossbow


Not long ago, we reported about Norman Reedus getting in trouble for holding Daryl Dixon’s crossbow at the Smithsonian. But this is all the more heartbreaking knowing that he actually has a name for the tool of death.

Presumably, since Negan has very publicly named his bat Lucille, it’s possible that all of the characters have names for the weapons. It’s possible that Rick’s gun, Michonne’s sword, and Carol’s many knives also have nicknames.

At the 2018 Walker Stalker Cruise, Norman Reedus said Daryl Dixon crossbow is named after his mother.

Norman Reedus Named Daryl Dixon’s Crossbow

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“Secretly, I call it Marianne, because that’s my mom’s name,” said Norman Reedus at the big event. It’s unclear when Reedus decided to give the crossbow this name but it could have happened at any point during the 8-year season.

Knowing that Dwight tried to take away Marianne gives all the more reason for Daryl Dixon to kill the traitor. At this point, Daryl is thinking of ending the war rather than vengeance, but he did rip that vest off of Dwight.

The crossbow is way more important than the vest after all.

The Battle Between Daryl And Dwight

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

So, the big debate is how Daryl Dixon will deal with Dwight in the second half of Season 8B. Both Tara and Daryl want to kill Dwight. In fact, there are likely dozens of people who want to see Dwight dead.

And when Negan finds out that his right-hand man double-crossed him again, he’ll also want to kill him. This means that both Marianne and Lucille could be coming after Dwight in the near future.

Hopefully, Daryl and Tara spare Dwight for now and see if he becomes more useful. But if he doesn’t keep playing the hits, it might time to let him go. Daryl Dixon crossbow could be the ultimate machine for killing Dwight in the end.

The only way we can see Dwight making it through Season 8 to Season 9 as if his wife somehow comes back in the picture. Not only is he hated on both sides, but it’s also possible he’ll give up when the pressure builds.

Do you think Daryl Dixon crossbow will take out Dwight in the end?

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