Norman Reedus’ Reaction To Season 7 “The Cell” Could Mean Bad News For Dwight

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Will Daryl Ever Really Trust Dwight?

Season 7 ended with the possibility that Dwight is going to switch teams and help Rick and Daryl take down Negan and the Saviors.

Despite the attack and Heapster betrayal, Dwight left a note for Daryl by the gate that read, “Didn’t Know…”

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However, Daryl Dixon is certainly still holding a grudge for what happened back in “The Cell,” where he was beaten, stripped, and fed dog food while also being tortured by “music torture.”

Norman Reedus spoke about the tough episode and what that means for Daryl.

Norman Reedus Talks About Daryl Meeting Dwight

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“You see shots of him being shoved down a hallway and pushed by the head… And he’s not fighting back, at all,” said the actor. “He thinks he deserves to be there, and whatever is going to him, he’s just going to let it happen.”

“He feels incredible guilt over what just happened [with Glenn]. He feels like he deserves it, and he’s just going to let it happen. He’s lost the will to fight back,” confirmed Norman Reedus.

As for Dwight, their relationship has changed over the past few seasons.

Daryl Gets It, But Time For Revenge…

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“When he first met [Dwight], he thought he was a good guy, trying to protect two women. Then he f—s Daryl over. That seems forgivable, in this world. You want to get him back, and you want to lash out him, but you want to forgive him. People do things in this world out of fear that they wouldn’t normally do, things they regret,” said Reedus.

“I think there was a bit of forgiveness there. I don’t think he wanted to hang out with him, or know him, or be friends with him, or do it again. But he got it. Now, it’s a different story…. He’s become a coward. And that, Daryl understands too…”

“But I think it’s changed to the point where now, he’s got to go. Daryl wants to rip the rest of his face off. He wants to kill [Dwight]. He wants to kill Negan.”

Do you think Daryl will ever fully trust Dwight?

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