FINALLY… Norman Reedus Reveals Daryl Just Won’t Have A Relationship With This Character…


Daryl Dixon’s Mysterious Love Life

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There’s been a lot of speculation behind Daryl Dixon’s love life. Some fans speculate Daryl to be gay, but Greg Nicotero shot that idea down recently. Then, there’s the hope that Carol and Daryl might get together, but that seems unlikely also.

Daryl seems like he could use a love interest and he’s certainly earned one after nearly eight seasons of finding himself. Daryl certainly loves Carol, but so far, it’s been more of a father-son or brother-sister kind of love, over romance.

However, they did truly miss each other during their recent reunion.

Norman Reedus Discusses Daryl-Carol

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Norman Reedus revealed, “We [Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride] missed each other this whole time. Me and Andy [Andrew Lincoln] missed each other, but me and Melissa missed each other too. It’s weird. She and I talk when we’re not filming and we’re like “How are you?” It’s f*cking bizarre!?”

Not only did the characters missed one another, but thanks to shooting in different areas, the actual actors missed one another as well. Ironically, those in the Kingdom never saw those in Alexandria until they met on the show.

King Ezekiel actor Khary Payton didn’t meet the gang until they came to his set. 

However, the question remains. Will Daryl ever…

Find Love?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Beyond the love on Carol’s porch, audiences also saw the protection Daryl left for her with Richard. After discovering Richard’s plan that would have put Carol’s life in danger, Daryl also showed how much he cared when he pummeled Richard.

“Did you see the part where I beat the sh*t out of that guy? Yea, I punched that guy like 50 times! I don’t know how many they left in there, but I beat him up for, like, a good 10 minutes. I was hoping for the full 10 minutes, but I don’t know how much made it,” said Reedus.

Daryl certainly loves Carol, but it’s unclear about his intentions.

Do you think Carol and Daryl will ever get together on The Walking Dead?

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