Norman Reedus And Marilyn Manson Just Had A Ridiculous Convo About Christmas


Actor Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead) and musician Marilyn Manson (“Beautiful People” singer) discussed Christmas for the New York Times. Obviously, the conversation began with the death of a small bunny.

Marilyn Manson | Photo The Richest

Manson asked his friend if he had ever missed the mark on Christmas. “I gave a girlfriend of mine a little, brown taxidermy bunny in a pink bag. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. It was a cute, little bunny,” said the zombie-slaying actor.

“[She] started crying, because she used to have a bunny that looked just like that that died a horrible death. That gift went horribly south,” said Norman Reedus.

Manson said he once got a Taser from a friend and a trench knife from a girlfriend.

Norman Reedus Talks Unusual X-mas Gifts

Norman Reedus | Photo Credit Fanfest

In addition to unusual gifts, the two also discussed how they missed the pre-cell phone age. Manson said they both hung out in the same crowds, but didn’t particularly hang out together at first.

Reedus described pre-iPhone Los Angeles is just, plain “fun.” While trying to buy a house that the Rolling Stones recorded in, he ran into Manson. At various points in the interview, it feels like both are holding back something.

Maybe this is because we know Norman Reedus used to run from the cops, drunk, on a dirt bike, and Marilyn Manson may or may not have cut off a toe to inject heroin…

The Gift Of Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan | Photo PopSugar
Jeffrey Dean Morgan | Photo PopSugar

Rumors aside, the focus of the interview casually made it’s way back to Christmas cheer. “I want a dog. I haven’t had one since I was a kid. My cat’s an asshole, so I kind of want a dog,” said the actor, to Santa more so than Manson.

Surprisingly, Manson responded by saying he wants to have “a little tussle with Jeffrey Dean Morgan” for Christmas. Reedus asked if he meant a fight or a sleepover, quickly promising to make it happen either way.

“No, no, like a sleepover. I want to smell his pomade. I want to inhale his essence,” joked Manson, putting the nail in an awkward coffin of a conversation.

Would you rather have the taxidermy bunny or the Taser? 

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