Norman Reedus Say’s THIS Decision Is A ‘BIG BLOW’ For The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead won’t officially return until the end of February, but that doesn’t mean there’s not lots of online chatter around the series. This week, Daryl Dixon actor Norman Reedus confirmed two key players will leave the series.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Norman Reedus said these departures are going to be a “big blow,” seeing as these two characters are “the heart of the show.” More than likely, Reedus is referring to Morgan and Carl Grimes.

“The people that started this show, to me, are the heart of the show,” he added.

Norman Reedus Talks Losing “Key Members”

Norman Reedus, Diane Kruger | Photo Credit Getty

It’s unclear if the actor is somewhat spiteful for these departures, but he’s certainly remorseful. “When you lose those key members, it’s such a big blow. If you want to hold on to what made the show special, you’ve got to be very careful what you do with those people.”

It would appear that Carl Grimes is on his way out, seeing as a walker bit him on the torso. In the past, cutting off a limb has saved characters like Hershel, but a torso bite is a whole new beast.

Actor Chandler Riggs asked for fan-sites not to spoil the mid-season finale, out of “respect” for his character.

Morgan And Carl Grimes May Both Die

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The decision to kill off Carl Grimes angered fans. Scott Gimple defends that the script was written this way to help the protagonist Rick. Essentially, they need to take Rick from a killer to a peaceful person.

In the last eight episodes, Carl Grimes has certainly been working towards being a better person. When Rick Grimes scared off a potential new ally, Carl went out into the woods to find him. Ironically, this “goodness” got the boy killed in the end.

As for Morgan, we know he’s going to Fear the Walking Dead, but fans are unclear of the timeline. There have been some photos leaked online, but it’s unclear if Morgan’s staff/spear has been sharpened or not, which would indicate his timeline.

It’s also possible that Fear the Walking Dead could deal with a more non-linear approach, like season 8 of The Walking Dead.

There were several things to hate about this season, but what did you love about season 8A (read here)?

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