CONFIRMED: How Norman Reedus Truly Feels About Being On The Walking Dead Forever


According to nearly every single website, Chandler Riggs (Carl Grimes) is about to be killed off and Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) wants to be written off of The Walking Dead. Either way, Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) is here to stay.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“I love being on the show,” said Norman Reedus when asked about leaving. “I could do this until it ended. There’s part of me that really wants to bookend the show. I started the show and I want to end the show.”

The actor often refers to himself as one of the O.G.s (original gangsters) of the zombie drama.

Norman Reedus And Andrew Lincoln Talk TWD

Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln | Photo Credit TV Guide

“I’m not saying that the show would ever finish, but I certainly think that there’s an opportunity for the show to change at some point, and I think it should,” said star Andrew Lincoln about a possible farewell season.

Lincoln believes there’s only so many ways to “bend and stretch” the material to work in Rick Grimes. But, these comments came before Chandler Riggs was written off of the show.

The potential death of Carl Grimes makes us wonder if Daryl Dixon will somehow take over those storylines.

Norman Reedus Loves The Longevity Of The Show

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“It’s not like a movie where it wraps up in an hour and a half,” said Norman Reedus. “People have seen me and Andy and Melissa grow over what will be a nine-year period when the show picks back up. You’ve seen my hair on my chin turning gray,” joked the actor.

The actor said he had never done a job where fans are watching someone grow in real time. Before the show, Reedus mainly landed roles in indie flicks like Mimic and The Boondock Saints, which were limited to two hours.

Norman Reedus describes this kind of character growth as a “blessing.” In addition, he loves both the bigness and the longevity of the show. “I’m still loving it,” said the actor about the crossbow carrying redneck he portrays.

Whatever happens to Rick and Carl Grimes, we can count on Daryl Dixon sticking around and surviving among the undead.

Do you think Daryl Dixon might actually be the last man standing?

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