Fans Are Saying This Was The Most Heartbreaking Moment This Season…


Eugene’s New Home And Dwight’s Punishment

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In “Hostiles and Calamities,” Eugene Porter was given a private tour of his new home, within the Sanctuary. The bulk of the episode focused on Eugene’s new position, but audiences also got to see a look in Dwight’s life.

Dwight was put in the box because he and Sherry were blamed for Daryl’s escape. While it still looks like Dwight didn’t have anything to do with Daryl’s escape, his love for Sherry was obvious during the episode.

Specifically, there was one heartbreaking scene that may have taken all he had left.

Dwight Goes Looking For Sherry

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

After Negan decided to believe Dwight, he told him to go find Sherry and bring her back. Dwight went to an old house that they had lived in. First, he found evidence that she had left the note, then he found another note.

During a voice-over, we heard Sherry’s mindset about her ex-husband. She left a note for Dwight but didn’t feel like he would even remember the house. Sherry felt like Dwight was too much like Negan now to remember how they used to be.

She didn’t think he would remember their inside jokes and past life.

Now, Dwight May Be All Evil

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In one part of the note, she joked about meeting him back there one day to split some beer and pretzels. After he realized that she had already gone, he pulled his old wedding ring from his pocket and put it with her ring.

Before he left, he also removed beer and pretzels from his bag. It’s not clear, but likely he would have either stayed there with her and went with her wherever she wanted to go.

But, because she left, maybe Dwight is now too far gone. After this heartbreaking scene, he blamed everything on the doctor to save himself. He knew the doctor would be punished, but he did it anyway.

Then, when it seemed like the doctor would have only been punished, Negan killed the man by burning him alive.


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