New Showrunner Confirms Time Jump Season 9 The Walking Dead

What's next for Rick Grimes and Maggie Rhee?


At a recent event known as “Kick-Ass Women of AMC,” new showrunner Angela Kang made her first public comments about The Walking Dead. In typical fashion, Kang remained quiet about the future (and perhaps final) tales of Maggie Rhee and Rick Grimes, but did she drop news about the approaching time jump.

Angela Kang, Norman Reedus | Photo Credit Tumblr

“We’re playing with time in the season, so we get to jump forward in the story,” Kang revealed in a panel. The AMC drama will indeed follow the events of creator Robert Kirkman’s comic book series in which the storyline jumped forward two years following Rick’s war with Negan.

Angela Kang didn’t reveal any major answers as to how the show will jump ahead, deal with losing Rick and Maggie, or which villain is next, but she didn’t offer some broad strokes ideas for the future of the series.

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