You’ll Be Surprised To Hear Which Season Of The Walking Dead Has Been Declared The “Worst”


Season 6, Ranked The Worst

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Based on various comments from the cast and crew, it’s possible that Season 8 of The Walking Dead will be the best yet. But, how do the other seasons from the iconic series stack up against one another? Season 6, the intro to Negan, is ranked worst.

Season 7, Second to Last

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Other than a few good moments, Season 7 was dreadfully dull. The series crept along and didn’t show enough of the main characters. This is a problem the creators have promised to solve in Season 8 of the TWD.

Many fans even left the show after calling it “torture porn.”

Season 2, Hershel’s Farm

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Hershel and the Greene Family became vital to the series, but they did have a rocky start. Fans were somewhat bored with the Sophia hunt, but then shocked when it turned out she was reanimated in the barn the entire time.

Season 3, Woodbury And Beyond

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC
The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The Woodbury storyline was somewhat tricky and left fans wanting for more. However, Season 3 eventually led to The Governor and the prison, which were both staples in the show.

The best episode was likely “Clear,” which showcased Morgan’s insanity.

Season 1, Rick’s Hunt For Lori

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The first season of The Walking Dead is arguably one of the best. Despite only being six episodes, every episode was concise and vital. After the premiere season, the show works too hard to fill up an entire season of 16 episodes.

Season 4, Michonne Arrives

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Besides Hershel’s death and the revenge on The Governor, there are a ton of great moments in Season 4. The second half of the season focuses on the group as they scatter about after the prison falls in a small battle. “The Grove” is the best episode.

Season 5, The Best Season

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The Hollywood Reporter ranks Season 5 as the best season of all time. Rick and Carol take out Terminus one-by-one, where our hero kills the head Termite with a machete to the head.

Do you agree with these rankings for seasons of The Walking Dead?


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