New “Death Odd” Calculation Reveals Daryl’s Fate In Season 8…


Daryl Dixon Almost Never Was…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

It’s always amazing to think that Daryl Dixon was never written into Robert Kirkman’s comic book, The Walking Dead. Daryl and Merle were both written for the show, but it was almost pure luck that Daryl made it to the screen.

Norman Reedus auditioned to played Merle Dixon (who didn’t have a brother), but the creators enjoyed his read so much that they wrote the part of Daryl Dixon. Fans and the cast alike love the tragic, lonesome character of Daryl.

Ironically, he’s perhaps the most iconic character on the show, beyond even Rick.

No One Is Safe On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

All of that aside, with a show like The Walking Dead, anyone can be killed off at basically any point. Daryl’s crossbow won’t always be there to protect him and based on his impulse at Abraham’s death, he could have already been killed.

This led to a boring couple of episodes where Daryl Dixon was being tortured (The Cell) with terrible pop music and dog food sandwiches. There was also a test, which he failed, which he got him beaten up pretty bad.

Daryl is not the type of guy to play by Negan’s rules.

If Daryl Dies, We Riot

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Now, with Daryl’s anger and rage at an all-time high (like when he killed Fat Joey and almost attacked a man in the Hilltop cellar), there’s a chance he could make a mistake and be killed as Negan’s War approaches.

Based on pure fandom (“If Daryl Dies, We Riot”) Daryl Dixon has a pretty good chance of surviving despite his rage and circumstances. As a character, he needs to calm himself somewhat just to make sure his life isn’t taken for granted.

FanSided’s most recent poll of character’s surviving Season 8 gives Daryl Dixon a very high 95 percent chance of survival.

Do you think Kirkman will ever kill off the iconic Daryl Dixon?

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