New Poll Shows Survival Odds For Carl Grimes


Close Calls For Carl Grimes

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

A few seasons ago, back when Carl Grimes had both eyes, he used to regularly sneak out of the various safe zones that his father fought to protect. Despite his many close calls—including two gunshots—Carl Grimes remains alive and well.

After these various near-death experiences, Carl Grimes has certainly grown to be one of the toughest characters on The Walking Dead (Michael Rooker even predicts he’ll be the last man standing).

Despite Carl’s toughness, if Shiva had shown up a moment later, he would have gone like Glenn.

Rick’s No Longer Good For His Son, Carl

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Based on those final moments from Season 7, it’s clear that Rick Grimes might no longer be good for his son, Carl. Last time they were in this situation with Negan, he did what ever he had to do to protect his son, but that man is gone.

Rick is looking to the future, which is very necessary, but it could mean that Carl will always be in harm’s way as long as they remain together. This time, Negan picked Carl to spite Rick Grimes.

From now on, every enemy who wants a piece of Rick, can come after Carl.

Survival Rate For Carl Grimes

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

There’s a reason why most superheroes wear masks and that’s because they don’t want the ones they love to be put in harm’s way. Carl Grimes, despite his eye patch, doesn’t wear a mask and nether does his father.

Both Grimes men live in a way as if they have nothing to lose, likely because they’ve survived so many close calls. The survival rate for Carl Grimes remains high, as many fans feel the show is more about him than Rick, but his death is still possible.

Based on the most recent poll by FanSided, they feel like Carl Grimes’ survival rate for Season 8 is 90 percent, but there’s still that one in 10 chance that he doesn’t make it through the war.

Do you think Carl Grimes will outlive his father?

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