AMC Released New Heartbreaking Photos Of Carl Grimes On The Walking Dead


Despite Robert Kirkman’s lies and Scott Gimple’s misdirection, AMC has finally just decided to promote the fact that Carl Grimes is on his deathbed. In the latest trailer, the network invites followers to watch Carl’s journey come to an end.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Season 8, Episode 9 is called “Honor,” where it appears the show will honor the best of Carl Grimes. Based on the photos, there’s going to be more back-and-forth narrative, which means we’ll see Carl discover his injury, plus his dying wishes.

Most importantly, he’s going to talk to his dad about being more merciful and then say goodbye to those closest to him, including Judith.

Season 8B Will Be The Carl Grimes Finale

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The new photos link up with the other trailers and linked images, so there’s not really any new evidence. Instead, we’re going to see a first-hand look at how this peaceful warrior spent his final hours before the sewer.

“All of the back eight is this terrible death,” said Andrew Lincoln. “This emotion is unending throughout the whole cast and, I think, it’s palpable. The cost of this battle is much more full because of what happened.”

“He’s lost the things that he’s fighting this war for,” Lincoln concluded. “That has a huge effect on him and it changes him irrevocably.”

Old Man Rick, Goodbye Judith, And Aftermath

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The actor better known as Rick Grimes also said he feels like the next eight episodes are more like the early episodes of the show. This is good news for fans since Season 6 and Season 7 were somewhat of a letdown.

Unlike a long-lasting terminal illness, the boy knew he didn’t have much time left. Unless the footage is a flashback, it looks like he realized he was bitten and then went to write a letter to his dad and see his little sister.

In the new photos, Carl Grimes is finger-painting with Judith and then he takes a photo with her. It’s possible that this could be the last photo of the two of them, so it could be something he puts above her bed.

As for the letter he was writing before, this could be Carl’s vision. Back in Season 8A, there was a hazy vision of Old Man Rick. At the time, this looked like Rick’s vision for the future of the series. But more than likely, this was Carl’s vision.

What do you think of these new photos from The Walking Dead?

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