The Meaning Behind THIS Brand New Picture Of TWD Season 8B


We’re only a few weeks away from The Walking Dead Season 8B and AMC is slowly giving us more information. So far, we’ve seen a handful of photos and a short trailer, but this new photo shows a small chance of success for Alexandria. But, Rick Grimes and Michonne are still going to try and do what they can. 

In the final moments of Season 8A, Alexandria was burning down to the ground while the residents hid in the sewer. Outside the gate, Negan laughed as his men started to tear down the walls of Alexandria.

But in the latest photo, Rick Grimes and Michonne try to save the burning village.

Rick Grimes Tries To Save What’s Left Of Home

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In the still, Michonne has her katana over her shoulder with a fire extinguisher in her hands. Through a burning gazebo, you can also see Rick Grimes on the other side with a second fire extinguisher.

Presumably, the others are also helping save the rest of the small town. In the sewer, there are a few dozen citizens that are likely preparing to head over to Hilltop. It’s unlikely they can save the entire town.

Plus, this photo was taken in the light and the burning began at night.

Andrew Lincoln Talks About Rick’s Future

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Andrew Lincoln told Comic Book, “He has his extended family. He’s not Judith’s father but he’s her dad. And, of course, Michonne. They’re in love. But this is… There are times in the back eight that I felt that the show was very courageous in that we didn’t know what we’re doing.”

The fact that Carl and Michonne are trying to save an already burned town basically describes their entire situation. Carl Grimes is on his way out from a walker bite, and Rick’s army is scattered, losing, and likely out of ideas.

As for Negan, there’s a photo of him in front of another building for Season 8B. We know that Rick and company will head over to Hilltop but it’s unclear how he will be able to deal with Carl’s final hours.

Do you think Rick Grimes and Michonne will be able to save themselves?

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