New Fear The Walking Dead Trailer Reveals Ultimate Cross Over Theory


Ever since Talking Dead announced that Morgan Jones was going to be heading over to Fear the Walking Dead, The Walking Dead fans have been trying to figure out how and when. Normally, a character jump would be simple to figure out, but there’s a big time gap between the two shows that make things complicated.

Lennie James | Photo Credit Talking Dead

If, on the other hand, a few of the stars from Fear the Walking Dead went over to The Walking Dead, it would simply mean that the journey from one to the other simply hadn’t happened on screen yet. With Morgan Jones, it means they’re either showing a past version of Morgan or a future version after the war.

In the newest trailer, however, there is one major clue that indicates Morgan’s involvement will be in the future. “Back east, there was a fight—a big fight,” said Morgan Jones. More than likely, he’s talking about All Out War with Negan. Hopefully, this means Morgan will survive the war and come out mentally sound. 

Morgan Jones Prepares For Major Crossover

Fear the Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“Back east, there was a fight,” said Morgan Jones in the new trailer. “I didn’t know how to make it stop. Good people died. I lose people, and then I lose myself,” he said once more. Based on the latest episode, this sounds like he’s referring to his current mental state on The Walking Dead.

The most recent downward spiral started when Jared killed Benjamin. Technically, Richard instigated the kill, but it was clearly Jared’s fault. Morgan started wearing the dead boy’s small armor and he always starting killing everyone he can. Like before, he’s in somewhat of a “clear” state of mind.

Then, Benjamin’s little brother killed Gavin with a spear. “When Morgan starts seeing [ghost] Gavin, it’s another manifestation of guilt,” said actor Lennie James on a recent episode of Talking Dead. “Another death that he had caused—another life that has gone away and another life that has come back to remind him.”

The actor added, “He’s being haunted by Henry, [who is] the brother of Benjamin. It was a lovely thing to play, in the journey that Morgan is going through, how far back down the rabbit hole he’s going to go.” Perhaps more than anyone else, Morgan has already been down the rabbit hole and then some.

All of this started back in the first episode of The Walking Dead. 

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