New Fan Theory Predicts Michonne Kills Maggie Greene In Season 9 TWD


In our most recent Facebook Live, one fan said it’s possible that Michonne will need to kill Maggie in order for Rick Grimes to exit the show. While the theory feels wild at first, there are a few reasons why it could come true. But first, let’s break down the suggestion from a true The Walking Dead fan.

Maggie Greene The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Sally H. suggested, “I say Maggie tries to kill Negan [and] ends up killing Rick. Michonne sees it, then kills Maggie. While this is happening, Negan escapes.“ Again, these are three major plot points in a quick suggestion, but based on the recent news, there could be some truth in this prediction.

Based on the comic, Negan does eventually escape. Plus, both Rick Grimes and Maggie Greene may exit the series at some point in Season 9 The Walking Dead.

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