This Fan-Made Simpsons Match-Up Has Gone Totally Viral [SEE PICTURES]

By Brock Swinson | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-01-12

New Fan-Made Walking Dead Simpsons Match-Up

The Simpsons have done a ton of spoofs over the years, but this fan-made The Walking Dead video showcases some iconic scenes from the series in Simpsons-form. In the image, Sideshow Bob is dressed like Negan from the Season 7 premier…

Simpsons Walking Dead | Photo Credit YouTube

Bart Simpson as Carl Grimes

This bloody photo is what separates fan art from the real thing as it’s a little too gruesome for the cartoon series. These photos from J King and the full video can be found here.  

Simpsons Walking Dead | Photo Credit YouTube

Daryl and Dwight Simpson

Here’s another throwback to the first time that Daryl and Dwight met back in the woods. This is before things went terribly wrong. 

Simpsons Walking Dead | Photo Credit YouTube

Carol “the Wolf” Simpson

Hopefully we’ll be seeing Carol this tough again soon. In this shot, it’s in remembrance of Carol posing as one of the Wolves.  

Simpsons Walking Dead | Photo Credit YouTube

Shane and Rick Simpson

This goes all the way back to Season 2 on The Walking Dead. This scene looks like when Rick and Shane met out in the woods, which eventually led to Shane’s death. 

Simpsons Walking Dead | Photo Credit YouTube

Which Simpsons Walking Dead match-up if your favorite?

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